How to close your account at Loan and Credit?

How to close your account at Loan and Credit?

Loan and Credit offers several personal accounts, but none of them is unconditionally free. Perhaps this is the reason why you want to cancel this account and move to another bank. How to do it?

Liquidation of the card to the account at Loan and Credit


If you have decided to close your account at Loan and Credit, please also remember to cancel your debit card. Do this before you begin the process of closing your personal account. You can reserve a debit card in two ways: through the helpline of the bank or in the online banking system.

  1. After logging into the online banking system, select the Payment cards tab and then Reservations. Select the reason for the reservation (theft / loss / other) from the list and click Restrict. And that’s it – your card has been canceled.
  2. When choosing the second option, call the hotline 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Dial 608 206 206 or 19,000.

Account closure at an Loan and Credit facility

As a supporter of settling matters in person, you will definitely choose to close the account in the branch. For this purpose:

  1. Choose the Loan and Credit facility closest to your whereabouts. A list of all branches can be found here: Loan and Credit branches .
  2. Take a valid ID card with you.
  3. Go to the branch and terminate the invoice agreement.

Your account will be canceled within the next 28 days.

Closing an account at Loan and Credit – by post

You can also send a notice by post.

  1. Write an account termination and an account card.
    Remember to include your personal data, address, social security number, telephone number and account number.
  2. Sign the letter with the same signature specimen you gave the bank.
  3. Send termination to the bank’s address:

    Euro Bank SA

    St. Nicholas 72
    50-126 Wroclaw

Account closure in Loan and Credit online banking

The last, fastest and most modern way is to close your account online. Just a few clicks to part with your bill for good.

  1. Log in to Loan and Credit online banking.
  2. Click the Personal Accounts tab and then select Account Details.
  3. Click the Close account button . You will be sent to the tab where you have to complete the recipient’s name and the bank account number to which the funds from your Loan and Credit account should be transferred.

Warning! As soon as you cancel your online account, you lose access to online banking.

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